Ornidex: Your partner for enhanced customer experience and sustainable innovation

At the forefront of customer-centric solutions, supported by advanced technology

At Ornidex, we prioritize customer relationships, harnessing the power of AI and data insights to drive sustainable growth.

Based in Paris and deeply rooted in technological innovation, we deliver customized, efficient solutions tailored to the unique needs of each customer.

About us

Our history

It all starts with an encounter. Two long-time customer relations experts discovered that they shared a common culture, vision and values. Building on this synergy, they founded Ornidex, a human adventure bringing together talents with diverse aspirations, ideas and desires, all united by the desire to strategically transform companies.

Our mission

Revolutionizing customer interactions through innovative technologies, promoting sustainability and data-driven decision-making.

Our expertise covers CRM, Artificial Intelligence (AI), sustainable development and data analysis.

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Ready for Excellence


Discover how our specialized skills turn challenges into opportunities, propelling your business to unparalleled success.

CRM and Customer Service Integration

Intégration CRM et Service Client​
  • Strengthen your customer relationships with Ornidex’s leading CRM solutions, designed to boost engagement and optimize service delivery.
  • Key services:
    Tailor-made CRM systems, customer data analysis, service automation and comprehensive customer support strategies.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence Artificielle​
  • Transform your business processes and customer interactions with our advanced AI technologies that adapt and evolve according to your needs.
  • Key services:
    AI-driven automation, machine learning improvements, intelligent data processing, and AI strategy formulation.


  • Overview:
    Commit yourself to a green future with our strategic sustainability consulting, helping your company to achieve its ecological objectives while maintaining profitability.
  • Key services:
    Environmental impact assessments, sustainable resource management, renewable energy solutions, and CSR implementation.

Customer Data and Insight

Data et Insight Client​​
  • Overview:
    Leverage critical insights from your data to improve customer understanding and drive business growth with expert data analysis from Ornidex.
  • Key services:
    Customer behavior analysis, market trend analysis, predictive customer modeling, and personalized marketing strategies.

Expand your horizons


Ornidex excels in providing complete solutions from strategy to execution, guaranteeing sustainable success and innovation in all customer projects.


Leverage our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise to develop strategies that align with your growth and digital transformation objectives.

Our consultants specialize in identifying opportunities for growth and efficiency, helping you stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Services :

Integration and Implementation

Our skilled teams ensure seamless integration of new technologies into your existing systems.

We focus on implementing solutions that are scalable, secure and optimized for your specific needs.

Services :

Continuous Evolutionary Maintenance

Ornidex provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your technology solutions continue to operate efficiently and grow with your business.

Our proactive approach helps minimize downtime and optimize system performance

Services :

Change Management

Successfully manage the human side of technology implementation with our structured change management services.

We help your team adapt to new systems and processes through effective communication, training and support strategies.

Services :

Our partners

At Ornidex, we pride ourselves on building strong partnerships with technology leaders to bring you the most innovative and reliable solutions. Our network of partners enriches our service offering and enables us to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

We work with global technology leaders to integrate the latest advances directly into our solutions. These partnerships enable us to remain at the cutting edge of technology and ensure that our customers benefit from cutting-edge developments.

Technology Partners

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