The partnership between Ornidex and Freshworks perfectly illustrates the synergy between advanced customer management technology and Ornidex’s innovative solutions.

Together, they provide companies with powerful tools to optimize customer service, automate processes and improve customer engagement through intuitive interfaces and rich functionality.

Freshworks, with its solutions renowned for their ease of use and efficiency, ideally complements Ornidex’s customer-centric approach, enabling an unprecedented user experience and successful digital transformations. This strategic partnership will enable Ornidex to strengthen its portfolio of services and offer its customers ever more tailored, high-performance solutions.

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Accelerate support experiences without accelerating costs


Expand your pipeline, boost conversions and increase productivity with our easy-to-use, AI-powered sales CRM.


Create personalized customer journeys across multiple channels on a large scale


Offer your customers more relevant conversations, on any channel.


Equip yourself with capabilities that are designed for the enterprise, but that remain simple, and give your teams the power to do more, more easily. How? With AI-based service management.


Modernize HR with a unified digital experience

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